At ProCRB we take great pride in our work and so we are very proud of our client testimonials. Please take time to read what existing customers say about our services.

  1. Testimonial 1
    An excellent, value for money service. Efficient, saved me lots of time, the checks came back so quickly I did not need to use the ISA Adult First check which was a bonus – would recommend.
  2. Testimonial 2
    ProCRB have been an absolute life saver! Definitely value for money and always willing to go that extra little mile in providing advice and support. Thank You.
  3. Testimonial 3
    ProCRB are unbelievably helpful, courteous and efficient in what they do. They managed everything brilliantly making the whole process of checking our staff entirely stress free. I would highly recommend them. 
  4. Testimonial 4
    We have used ProCRB for more than three years, and intend to stay with them for as long as we employ staff. From the beginning, ProCRB has combined invaluable knowledge with practical advice. ProCRB seem to be just the right size of company – they provide the high-quality, personalised service of a small company, but have the specialist skills and experience you would expect from a larger firm.

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