Update Service

ProCRB Updating Service – “We will manage this process for YOU”

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) originally created ‘The Updating Service’ to allow an applicant to register to the scheme, however, relying on the applicant may mean this process is not completed in time and therefore misses the 14 day dead line to apply.

Therefore, with consent, ProCRB will provide access to this service on behalf of you, our client. You will be able to request registration onto this service for each and every applicant.

What are we offering?

The DBS is promoting this service with many obvious benefits, such as cost saving, reduction in administration, etc. We believe its main strength is to use the service to proactively increase safeguarding by managing and reducing the risk of unsuitable candidates working with vulnerable people.

Not only will we register on your behalf, we will also provide a service whereby we regularly check an individual’s details to ensure there has been no change to their criminal disclosure.

When an application is created you will have the ability to select one of the following:

•Register applicant to Updating Service only
•Register applicant and undertake checking every month
•Register applicant and undertake checking every week
•Registration is not required

(Additionally you will have up to 12 days after the disclosure has been completed to request ProCRB undertake this service on your behalf.)

What will you receive?

•On completion of disclosure, you will continue to receive an email advising of disclosure number, date of issue, and status
•You will be informed whether the disclosure holds criminal information or not
•If a disclosure holds criminal information we will assist in managing a process to ensure the applicant provides you with a copy of their certificate
•Our system will automate communication to the applicant and the employer
•You will receive written confirmation of registration on updating service
•A full audit trail is provided detailing the checks against the update register
•You will receive written notification of any change to an applicant’s disclosure information

What are the real benefits?

For many years, users of the disclosure service have complained that a DBS check is only a snap shot of a personal’s criminal history and is not updated to inform employers of a change. The updating service addresses this flaw allowing employers to be constantly updated of any changes to a person’s criminal history, allowing:

•A more enhanced safeguarding procedure
•Reduction in long term administration as there is no need to do another DBS check
•ProCRB manage the process on your behalf
•Reduce your administration
•Easily comply with regulator requirements for up to date disclosure information
•Financial savings on administration
•Financial savings on the cost of renewing DBS checks

Is it mandatory to apply?

No. No applicant or employer is required to register. However, we envisage many large private and public sector organisations requiring this in the future. Please bear in mind that if you choose to not register now, but change your policy later, you will need to undertake another criminal check in the future in order to register, therefore incurring additional costs.